Te Ara’s new boots

Te Ara Hanara was placed in his Nan’s care through Oranga Tamariki. Te Ara is a boisterous four year old and his Nan struggled to offer physical play opportunities, so Te Ara  was confined to being indoors while at home.

Te Ara (left) with Whanau
Te Ara with Whanau

Te Ara came to the before school check (B4SC) clinic, and was referred to the Active Families programme at Sport Manawatu. The B4SC nurse notes ‘I was working with this whānau with The Triple P Positive Parenting programme, where Nan informed me of how much Te Ara enjoyed being able to be more active at Sport Manawatu.

Te Ara also enjoyed somebody spending time with him as this made him feel special and he had never had this type of interaction before, having a male role-model teach him ball skills. You (staff at Sport Manawatu) may think that spending a couple of hours with a child was beneficial for his physical needs, however this was also beneficial for his emotional wellbeing.’

Te Ara gained confidence and joined Te Kura Kaupapa Rugby team at four years old, and the whole whanau (Te Ara, his Nana, his sister, Te Ara’s Mum and Dad and extended whanau members) would come along to Saturday rugby to cheer him on.

There was a beautiful moment where Te Ara’s Dad would run alongside him on the field and support him. ‘This was priceless, as I could see how happy it made Te Ara feel. Dad was also engaging with Te Ara’s team, which also helped with his Dad’s confidence.

It was also really awesome that your service supplied rugby boots for Te Ara, which helped him to play rugby in the weekends. By playing weekend rugby with the kura, it helped Te Ara transition to his upcoming new school, forming relationships with other children and feeling a sense of place for Te Ara.’

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