John Owen: ‘Just do it … it works!’

Photo of John standing in front of a fence full of jandals. John Owen of Kaeo has struggled over the years with staying active, even though he first started in 2010. He identifies lack of time, due to placing other demands ahead of his health and wellbeing, as the biggest challenge he’s had to overcome to being regularly active. 

Since being referred to Green Prescription in June 2016, John has been able to achieve greater consistency with his activity levels and believes that better planning is the key to achieving it.

John’s week now includes walking 7–14 km per week and three 75 minute gym sessions of walking, rowing, cycling and pilates.

John has lost over 12 kg, combining his increased activity with changes to his diet like:

  • restricting alcohol to the weekends
  • limiting his consumption of bread
  • eating healthier lunches of salads.

He is also waking feeling fresher in the mornings and has more energy at the end of the working day.

Other health benefits as a result of a more active lifestyle include:

  • a drop in his blood pressure from 150/90 to 120/80
  • a loss of 20 cm off his waist
  • having less discomfort in his joints.

When asked how he feels about physical activity now he replies, ‘I always knew physical activity was good for you. Now that I am actually doing it, I know it is not only good, but essential.’

Besides the support of Hillary Sheard, Healthy Lifestyle Advisor at Whangaroa Health, he ascribes his success to the support he’s had from family and friends.

If you are considering becoming more active, John’s advice is ‘just do it … it works’.

This story was provided by Sport Northland.

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