Radiation in the environment

We’re exposed to radiation all the time. Some of it is natural, and some of it is from technology such as radio signals. Not all radiation is harmful – find out when it’s dangerous and when it isn’t.

In this section

  • Cellsites (cellphone towers or base stations) communicate with nearby cellphones using radiofrequency fields. The strength of these fields is well below the limits set in the New Zealand radiofrequency exposure standard. Read more
  • We’re exposed to natural radiation all the time, usually at very low levels. Natural radiation includes the sun’s rays, cosmic radiation, and radiation from soil and our own bodies. Read more
  • Power lines produce electric and magnetic fields. Some people worry these fields might be strong enough to harm their health, but this is not the case. Read more
  • Radon is a natural radioactive gas. In some places overseas, radon is found in high levels – however, radon is only found in low levels in New Zealand. Read more
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