Smart meters

A smart meter is a device which sits inside your meter box. It uses radio signals (radiofrequency radiation) to communicate with your power company, so that they know exactly how much power you’ve used.

You’re only exposed to low levels of radiofrequency radiation from a smart meter.

Smart meters:

  • use a relatively low-power transmitter
  • are normally installed outside the building
  • only transmit periodically, using very brief signals.

Exposures to radiofrequency radiation from a smart meter are very low in comparison to the limits set out in the New Zealand radiofrequency exposure standard (even if the meter is installed inside the house).

Find out more from the Ministry

NZS 2772.1:1999 Radiofrequency fields – Maximum exposure levels sets out limits for exposure to the radiofrequency radiation. Find out more at Radiofrequency field exposure standard.

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