Learn about identifying asbestos-containing material in your home, the health risks of asbestos and what you can do about asbestos.

Asbestos is a risk to health only when inhaled (breathed in) as fine dust.

In this section

  • Asbestos is the name used for a group of natural minerals that are made up of many small fibres. This page describes how asbestos has been used in the past, and what types of asbestos there are. Read more
  • Asbestos is a risk to health only when it is inhaled (breathed in) as fine dust. The risk to health increases with the number of fibres inhaled and with frequency of exposure. Read more
  • Information on control of asbestos, where asbestos in older houses may be found, and what to do if you have asbestos in your home. Read more
  • Information on asbestos health risks, how to remove asbestos safely from the home, and appropriate protective gear. Read more
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