Hazardous substances

Some substances, such as lead and asbestos, were used in buildings before people knew about their dangers. Or maybe you live in an area where the soil’s been contaminated by arsenic. Find out about the risks and how to keep your family safe.

Product Recalls lists products that have been recalled. This includes medicines, medical devices and equipment, tools and machinery, vehicles, and household goods.

The site will help you find out:

  • which products are being recalled
  • what’s wrong with the products
  • what you need to do to have the product replaced, refunded, or repaired.

For businesses, there’s also information on how to lodge a recall.

For food recalls, see the Ministry for Primary Industries' Food Recalls page.

In this section

  • If you live in an area contaminated with arsenic, find out what you need to know and actions you can take to protect your family’s health. Read more
  • Asbestos used to be a popular building material – but it can be harmful to your health. Find out about asbestos and what to do if it’s been used in your home. Read more
  • The removal of lead-based paint can result in harm to both the person doing the job and the people who live or work nearby. This page describes the hazards and how to remove paint safely. Read more
  • If a mercury thermometer breaks (or other items containing around ¼ teaspoon or less of mercury), you may be able to clean it up yourself by following the advice on this page. Read more
  • Find out about the ways you may be exposed to soil contamination, and what you can do to protect your family’s health.  Read more
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