Environmental health

Your environment can have a big effect on your health. Find out how to stay safe and healthy in your home and in the outdoors.

Product Recalls lists products that have been recalled. This includes medicines, medical devices and equipment, tools and machinery, vehicles, and household goods.

The site will help you find out:

  • which products are being recalled
  • what’s wrong with the products
  • what you need to do to have the product replaced, refunded, or repaired.

For businesses, there’s also information on how to lodge a recall.

For food recalls, see the Ministry for Primary Industries' Food Recalls page.

In this section

  • How infectious diseases spread and what you can do to prevent infection spreading at home and in the workplace. Read more
  • Some food is exposed to radiation (irradiated) before it is sold. Irradiation can make the food safer to eat, or make it last longer. It does not make food radioactive. Read more
  • Some buildings or land may contain hazardous substances like lead, asbestos or arsenic. Learn about the risks and keep your family safe. Read more
  • Find out about household items and electronics that could be a health risk. Read more
  • Noise that is too loud can damage your hearing forever. Find out how to protect your ears and where to get more information on protecting your hearing. Read more
  • Learn how to get rid of pests like rats and bed bugs. Read more
  • We’re exposed to radiation all the time, from natural sources and from our technology. Not all radiation is harmful – find out when it’s dangerous and when it isn’t. Read more
  • Sunbeds are not safe. They increase your risk of melanoma and other skin cancers. Read more
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