After surgery and returning to work

Information about what happens after you’ve had your surgery and returning to work.

Medical certificate issued

The hospital issues a medical certificate to confirm your surgery has gone ahead and for compensation payment to start. The medical certificate states the date that it expires, which is your anticipated return to work date. This is when your compensation payments end unless the medical certificate is extended.  

Compensation payments start

The Ministry of Health makes compensation payments once a week until you recover. We will send you an email notification when the first payment is made.

Returning to work

You can return to work as soon as you feel ready.

When to notify the Ministry of Health

If you return to work before the expiry date on your medical certificate, then you must let the Ministry of Health know as soon as possible so compensation payments stop. You may have to pay money back if you are overpaid by the Ministry.

Not ready to return to work?

If you are not ready to return to work and your medical certificate is due to expire, contact your donor liaison coordinator or your medical professional as soon as possible to discuss getting an extension. Don’t wait until the day before you’re due back at work.

You will be issued with a new medical certificate which you must send as soon as possible to the Ministry of Health. Your medical certificate must be current for payments to continue.

Return your medical certificate to the Ministry of Health:

By email: [email protected]

By post:
Live Organ Donor Compensation
Sector Operations
Ministry of Health
PO Box 1026

If you have any queries, contact either your donor liaison coordinator or the Ministry of Health:

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