Treatments and surgery

Sometimes you’ll need medication to treat a health problem. Or you may require surgery. Learn more about treatments from the pages below.

If you want to know more about how a specific health problem is treated, look for it in Diseases and illnesses.

In this section

  • Questions and answers on breast implants and the issues around PIP implants. Read more
  • We usually think of radiation as something to be avoided. But in some cases radiation can help us. X-rays help doctors to diagnose health problems. Radiation treatment can help to destroy cancer. Read more
  • Learn about getting medicines in New Zealand, how much prescription medicines cost, and how to take medicine safely. Read more
  • You need to take care after surgery to ensure you recover properly. Find out what to do if you have problems after an operation. Read more
  • Organ transplants and donation includes kidney or liver tissue from living or deceased donors. There are health requirements that you may need to meet to be eligible to give or receive an organ. Read more
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