Whooping cough stories

During the whooping cough outbreak that began in 2011, several parents came forward to share their experience of whooping cough and what happened when their babies caught the disease.

‘You just shouldn’t take the risk’

Christchurch mum Jenah Ramsey is urging parents to immunise themselves after her son Nixson was hospitalised with whooping cough when he was 11 weeks old. Read more

‘At the moment, I just don’t know when this is going to end. It is just the most frightening thing when he can’t breathe.’

Photo of a young woman, holding a sleeping baby and looking quite tired herself.

Get yourself immunised to protect your baby

If there is one thing that Anna Gibson wants parents to think about it is immunising themselves against whooping cough. Her daughter MacKenzie was just seven weeks old when she was admitted to hospital with pertussis. Read more

Twin girls’ illness highlights the importance of immunising on time

Spending time in hospital with their baby girl Marliena-May battling whooping cough wasn’t how Ramona and Peter Muliaga envisaged their honeymoon. Read more

‘I’m just so happy that they didn’t both get sick at the same time and that they have come through it OK.’

Photo of a young couple holding twin baby girls in matching outfits, looking very cute.

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