If you have a stroke, the blood supply to your brain is cut off. After a few minutes without oxygen and food from your blood, your brain begins to suffer damage.

Depending on the type of stroke, you can be permanently disabled – but many people recover well.

If you have high blood pressure and smoke, you’re at a much greater risk of having a stroke.

Know the signs – think FAST

If you think you or someone else is suffering a stroke, call 111 immediately.

The sooner treatment is received, the less damage a stroke will cause.

Know the signs of a stroke - think FAST:

  • Face: Is it drooping on one side?
  • Arm: Is one arm weak?
  • Speech: Is it jumbled, slurred or lost?
  • Time to call 111.  

A stroke can happen to anyone, anytime. It could be someone you know, someone next to you.

Know the signs. Think FAST.

Face: Is it drooping on one side?

Arm: Is one arm weak?

Speech: Is it jumbled, slurred or lost?

Time to call 111.

A stroke is an emergency. If you see ANY of these signs call 111 to give someone a better chance of recovery.

Know the signs of stroke. Think FAST.

The Stroke Foundation website has detailed information on:

Mini-strokes – or TIAs

A transient ischaemic attack (TIA) – also called a ‘mini-stroke’ – has similar symptoms to a stroke. However, most people fully recover within a few minutes or an hour.

If you think you’ve had a TIA, you must see a doctor immediately. A TIA may be a warning that a stroke will follow.

You can read more about TIAs on the Stroke Foundation website:

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Video: A stroke can happen anytime

Stroke expert Dr Anna Ranta talks about the importance of the FAST campaign message - and the real difference it can make.

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