Diabetes stories

Stories from New Zealanders living with diabetes.

The way to kickstart your day

Eating breakfast could help improve Paki Whiu’s diabetes – that’s the advice he receives from community diabetes nurse specialist Kirsten Hatton at one of her monthly diabetes clinics at Woodend Medical Centre. Read more

‘That first meal of the day is so important in kickstarting your pancreas and getting your metabolism going.’

Starting insulin a big milestone

During a recent visit to the monthly diabetes clinic at Woodend Medical Centre, Robyn finally made the decision to start taking insulin, thanks to advice and support from the community diabetes nurse specialist.Read more

‘If you start treatment early, you’re protecting the capacity you have left [to produce insulin].’

Karori Medical Centre supports Chris to manage his diabetes

Chris Ward says when his GP told him many years ago that he was at risk of diabetes he completely ignored advice about modifying his lifestyle – until one day he was told he was type 2. Read more

‘I just began to slow up. I didn’t have any energy or desire to get stuck into anything.’

Understanding diabetes key to managing it properly

The GPs and nurses at Karori Medical Centre have been working with Sally (not her real name) to manage issues with her medication and metabolism. Read more

Free group exercise is what cuts the mustard for 61-year-old

Exercising with others was the most enjoyable aspect of the 10-week YMCA Living Life Well programme for 61-year-old Filimone Vuna. Read more

‘Being with others is such a good way to exercise.’

Exercising and cutting out fatty food helps control diabetes

For Inesi Saafi the Langimalie Health Centre in Onehunga has made him feel connected to the health system for the first time in years. Read more

‘People talk in our language [which] helps me understand ways to look after my health.’

In much better shape in every way

Gloria Halverston’s weekly highlight is attending the fitness class and lunch run for diabetes patients from Langimalie Health Centre. Read more

‘The blood sugar tests show that I’m keeping my diabetes under control. I feel so much better.’

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