Breast cancer

Breast cancer is New Zealand’s third most common cancer and accounts for more than 600 deaths every year.

The risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer increases with age.

  • Breast cancer isn’t common in women under the age of 50.
  • About 70% of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer and about 80% of women who die from it are 50 years or older.

Some women are at greater risk of breast cancer because there is a history of close family members having the disease. However, most women who develop breast cancer have no relatives with the disease. Even among women who do have relatives with breast cancer, most will never develop it.

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Information for health professionals

Cancer programme
The Ministry is developing a national work plan that puts equity first and enables national consistency in access to treatment.

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The National Screening Unit is responsible for the development, management and monitoring of nationally organised population-based screening in New Zealand.

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