Insect bites

An insect bite is usually a red itchy bump.

There may be a blister in the middle.

Sometimes insect bites are painful (especially spider bites) as well as itchy.

How do you get insect bites?
Bites from insects such as mosquitos, fleas or from spiders.

What to do

  • Check and clean every day.
  • Wash the bite with cool water.
  • Keep your child’s nails short and clean.
  • Do things to stop the itching like soaking in a cool bath, or putting calamine lotion or aloe vera on the bites.
  • Treat pets for fleas.
  • Put mosquito nets around beds, put insect screens on windows and close windows at night.
  • Wear close-fitting cotton sleeves or pyjamas.
  • Use children’s insect repellent.
  • Go to the doctor if the insect bite is near the eye.

What to do if it gets worse

Go to the doctor if any of these things happen:

  • the bites last more than two weeks
  • the red, swollen area keeps getting bigger or more painful
  • there is pus in the bite.

This could be a serious skin infection such as cellulitis.

Time off from kura or school

If your child feels well they can go to kura or school.

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