Withdrawal and Containment of Dated HISO Standards: Public comment document

Submissions on this consultation have now closed.

Published online: 
09 October 2017

HISO intends to withdraw certain standards and move others into containment as they are no longer fit for purpose or fully current.

Group 1 – Withdrawn standards

These are standards that are agreed to be not fit for purpose or are not in general use within the sector. They are to be withdrawn from publication and removed from the Ministry website.

Group 2 – Standards in containment

These standards while not in frequent use, retain some value. These standards will remain on the Ministry website but be qualified as ‘Standards in containment’. This means that these standards may:

  • continue to be used for systems in operation or where a minor update to the system is required
  • not be used where a new system is proposed or where a major change to the system is to occur.

Consultation period is closed

Submissions closed at 5.00 pm, Tuesday 14 November 2017.

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