Water Safety Plan Guides for Drinking Water Supplies

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31 January 2014
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The following are a series of water safety plan guides covering the system elements (eg, filtration, disinfection, water storage, distribution etc) that are most frequently found in drinking-water supplies, for reference in preparing a water safety plan.

Note: These documents were originally published as the Public Health Risk Management Plan Guides for Drinking Water Supplies. In December 2013, legislation changed the term ‘public health risk management plan’ to ‘water safety plan’. The titles and any reference within the text to ‘public health risk management plan’ have been changed to reflect the new legislation. No other changes have been made to these documents.

S1 Raw water
S1.1 Surface and Groundwater Sources (Word, 61 KB)
S1.2 Roof Water Sources (Word, 47 KB)
S2 Development of new supplies
S2 Development of New Supplies (Word, 47 KB)
Treatment processes
P1 Source abstraction
P1.1 Surface Water Abstraction – Rivers, Streams and Infiltration Galleries (Word, 48 KB)
P1.2 Surface Water Abstraction – Lakes and Reservoirs (Word, 48 KB)
P1.3 Ground Water Abstraction – Bores and Wells (Word, 47 KB)
P1.4 Ground Water Abstraction – Springs (Word, 46 KB)
P2 Water transmission
P2 Treatment Processes – Water Transmission (Word, 46 KB)
P3 Pre-treatment storage
P3 Treatment Processes – Pre-Treatment Storage (Word, 46 KB)
P4 Pre-treatment processes
P4.1 Algicide Application (Word, 43 KB)
P4.2 Destratification (Word, 44 KB)
P4.3 Pre-oxidation (Word, 41 KB)
P4.4 Waste Liquor Reintroduction (Word, 43 KB)
P5 Coagulation/flocculation processes
P5.1 Conventional Coagulation/Flocculation/Sedimentation (Word, 42 KB)
P5.2 Dissolved Air Flotation (Word, 46 KB)
P5.3 Direct Filtration (Word, 45 KB)
P6 Filtration
P6.1 Rapid Sand Filtration (Word, 44 KB)
P6.2 Slow Sand Filtration (Word, 43 KB)
P6.3 Cartridge Filtration (Word, 46 KB)
P6.4 Diatomaceous Earth Filtration (Word, 41 KB)
P6.5 Membrane Filtration (Word, 43 KB)
P7 Disinfection
P7.1 Chlorine Disinfection (Word, 56 KB)
P7.2 Chlorine Dioxide Disinfection (Word, 48 KB)
P7.3 Ozone Disinfection (Word, 45 KB)
P7.4 Ultraviolet Irradiation Disinfection (Word, 45 KB)
P8 Aesthetic property adjustment
P8.1 pH Adjustment (Word, 45 KB)
P8.2 Iron and Manganese Removal (Word, 48 KB)
P8.3 Softening (Word, 35 KB)
P8.4 Trace Organics Removal (Word, 40 KB)
P9 Fluoridation
P9 Fluoridation (Word, 43 KB)
P10 Pump operation
P10 Pump Operation (Word, 43 KB)
P11 Plant construction and operation
P11 Plant Construction and Operation (Word, 46 KB)
Distribution system
D1 Post-treatment storage
D1 Post-Treatment Storage (Word, 45 KB)
D2 Reticulation network
D2.1 Construction Materials (Word, 44 KB)
D2.2 System Pressure (Word, 45 KB)
D2.3 Operation (Word, 48 KB)
D2.4 Backflow Prevention (Word, 42 KB)
General elements
G1 Staff Training (Word, 38 KB)
G2 Monitoring (Word, 40 KB)
Worked examples
W1 Worked Example of a Water Safety Plan for a Small Supply using Rainwater (Word, 69 KB)
W2 Worked Example of a Water Safety Plan for a Small Supply using Chlorinated Groundwater (Word, 62 KB)


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    31 January 2014
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    Ministry of Health. 2014. Water Safety Plan Guide. Wellington: Ministry of Health.
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