Update of the New Zealand Health Strategy: Analysis of submissions

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18 April 2016

The Ministry of Health consulted widely to develop the updated New Zealand Health Strategy 2016. Consultation included electronic forums, face-to-face public meetings, hui, fono and written submissions.

This page provides summaries and analyses of submissions to the updated Strategy.

Summary of public consultation

The Analysis of submissions (docx, 126 KB)  provides an outline of what we heard during the consultation process. 

Written submissions

Full submissions

415 written submissions were received on the Consultation Draft of the Update of the New Zealand Health Strategy.  These submissions are attached in full below.

* Note that submitters details have only been included where clear consent was given.

Key messages from the written submissions

While all written submissions were considered in their entirety, given the number of submissions and the depth of the feedback provided, key messages from all submitters were extracted and categorised for ease of additional analysis. 

Key messages (xlsx, 2.2 MB)

Public meetings

There were more than 100 formal meetings (including public workshops, hui and fono), involving more than 2000 people, around New Zealand.  People who attended the meetings included representatives from district health boards, non-governmental organisations, community groups, consumers and the general public.

Online consultation

The Health Strategy Forum attracted 2431 visits with 119 posted comments and 7170 visits were made to the consultation webpage.


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