Tobacco Use in New Zealand: Key Findings from the 2009 NZ Tobacco Use Survey

Published online: 
02 November 2010


This report provides an overview of tobacco use in New Zealand, predominantly for the year 2009. It includes findings from the 2009 New Zealand Tobacco Use Survey (NZTUS) and other relevant sources of data.

There have been three comprehensive national tobacco use surveys conducted in New Zealand: in 2006, 2008 and 2009. The 2009 NZTUS was carried out from January to May 2009. All New Zealanders aged 15-64 years who were usually resident in permanent, private dwellings at the time of the survey were eligible for selection in the 2009 NZTUS. A total sample size of 5222 people aged 15-64 years was achieved, including 980 Māori, 522 Pacific, 560 Asian and 3202 European/Other people.

The report uses sources beyond the NZTUS to present the prevalence of daily smoking among New Zealanders over time, the supply of tobacco in New Zealand and tobacco-attributable mortality. Findings from the 2009 NZTUS on current smoking, tobacco consumption, quitting behaviour (including history of quit attempts and use of quitting programmes/services), support from health services and health professionals, and exposure to second-hand smoke are also presented.

Results are presented by sex, age group, ethnic group and neighbourhood deprivation. Where possible, findings from the 2009 NZTUS are compared with earlier Tobacco Use Surveys (2006 NZTUS and 2008 NZTUS) and the 2006/07 New Zealand Health Survey.

Key findings from the report include:

  • Approximately one in five adults (21.0%) were current smokers, which indicates that current smoking rates in New Zealand are continuing to decline.
  • Around one in five (18.0%) youth aged 15–19 years were current smokers, a significant decrease from 22.9% in 2006

The report will be of interest to anyone involved in tobacco control research or policy, or the provision of quitting products or services.

Data tables

View the online data tables of the 2009 New Zealand Tobacco Use Survey.

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