Tobacco Trends 2008: A brief update of tobacco use in New Zealand: Online data tables

Published online: 
02 June 2009

All NZTUS 2008 results presented in this report and some additional results are available in Excel format.

Within each spreadsheet, there are separate tabs along the bottom of the spreadsheet for each topic. Simply click on the topic tab of interest and you will see tables for the selected topic including (where possible):

  1. unadjusted prevalence by age group and gender
  2. unadjusted prevalence by ethnic group and gender
  3. age-standardised prevalence by ethnic group and gender
  4. age-standardised rate ratio of prevalence by ethnic group and gender
  5. age-standardised prevalence by NZDep2006 quintile and gender

Within each topic there may be several indicators in each table, for example, in the Prevalence data spreadsheet, on the Smoking status tab, there are six indicators in each of the five tables including: current smoker, daily smoker, non-daily smoker. Where appropriate comparable results have been presented from the 2006/07 New Zealand Health Survey, as well as the 2006 New Zealand Tobacco Use Survey, these can be found on specific tabs within each spreadsheet.

There are also separate Excel spreadsheets for each section which present age standardised ethnic group by gender estimates with a distinct comparison group, that is, Māori/non-Māori, Pacific/non-Pacific, and Asian/non-Asian. These spreadsheets follow the same format as above, with separate tabs for each topic within the spreadsheet.

Data presented in the online tables have been analysed according to the protocols and procedures detailed in the Methodology Report for the 2008 New Zealand Tobacco Use Survey


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    02 June 2009
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