Taonga Tuku Iho – Treasures of our Heritage: Rongoā Development Plan

Published online: 
02 June 2006


Taonga Tuku Iho – Treasures of our Heritage: Rongoā Development Plan overall aim is to provide a framework for strengthening the provision of quality rongoā services across the country.

Rongoā Māori is informed by a body of knowledge that has as its core the enhancement of Māori well-being. In this way, rongoā Māori differs from a ‘western medical’ paradigm whose focus is principally the absence of health and well-being and treatments / interventions to return to a state of health.

The purpose of Taonga Tuku Iho is to foster the growth of rongoā services, and improve Māori well-being.

There are four goals to guide the work of Taonga Tuku Iho:

  • Improving the quality of rongoā services;
  • Creating leadership to strengthen safe practice through networking and quality assurance;
  • Increasing the capacity and capability of rongoā services; and
  • A work plan for research and evaluation activities

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    02 June 2006
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    01 June 2006
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    Ministry of Health. 2006. Taonga Tuku Iho – Treasure of our Heritage: Rongoā Development Plan. Wellington: Ministry of Health.
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