Tackling Inequalities: Moving theory to action

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02 June 2004

Tackling Inequalities: Moving theory to action discusses a health inequalities awareness training programme for the health sector run in 2002/2003. The report outlines the needs assessment conducted to assess the training needs of senior health sector staff, describes the workshops, and discusses key aspects of the workshop content. The key findings from the workshops are outlined, including obstacles to tackling inequalities in health and the supports required by the sector to overcome the obstacles.

Outlines of the action plans developed by workshop participants to strengthen the capacity of their organisations to tackle inequalities in health are presented and reviewed. A summary of workshop evaluations, including recommendations for further action, is provided. Follow-up sessions were offered to all participants, and the findings from these sessions are discussed. The report concludes with an acknowledgement of the value of health inequalities awareness training and makes recommendations about future initiatives to strengthen the capacity of the health sector to tackle inequalities in health.

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    02 June 2004
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    0-478-28250-8, 0-478-28253-2
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