Statement of Intent 2011–14

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19 May 2011
Statement of Intent 2011-14 cover


This Statement of Intent outlines the strategic direction for the Ministry of Health over the three-year period of the document.   

It includes discussion of the outcomes being sought by the Ministry and the main priorities for the future work programme.

Some high-level detail about work plans is provided in the Operating Intentions section, along with measures by which the Ministry can demonstrate success.

Priority areas

The Minister of Health has identified seven priority areas that will drive the work programme of the Ministry in the medium term:

  1. Improving the quality of health care, especially delivering on health targets
  2. Bringing health services closer to home
  3. Improving the health and independence of older people
  4. Strengthening the health workforce
  5. Improving value for money
  6. Implementing Whanau Ora
  7. Responding to the Christchurch earthquake.

The Ministry will focus on these priority areas through its work, contributing to long-term outcomes as described in the Ministry's outcomes framework. 

Figure 2 in the Statement of Intent (p. 13) shows the interrelationships between the seven priority areas, and the Ministry's intended outcomes, intermediate outcomes, and impacts.

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