Small Drinking-water Supplies

Preparing a water safety plan

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31 January 2014
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This document has been developed to help you to prepare a water safety plan (formerly known as a Public Health Risk Management Plan, PHRMP) for your small drinking-water supply.

The document provides a qualitative narrative and a series of worksheets to assist in this exercise. You are also encouraged to refer to the Water Safety Plan Guides containing the specific system elements most frequently found in drinking-water supplies.

Note: Previously published in 2005 as Small Drinking-water Supplies: Preparing a public health risk management plan. This publication’s title and any reference within the text to ‘public health risk management plan’ were changed in January 2014 to reflect the December 2013 legislation change of the term ‘public health risk management plan’ to ‘water safety plan’. No other changes have been made to this document.

Small Drinking-water Supplies: Water Safety Kit

In this pack are instructions and forms to help you to prepare a water safety plan for your drinking-water supply.

It has been designed to be put in a folder to help you keep information about your drinking-water supply together. Inside the pack is:

  • an introduction that describes the purpose and benefits of a water safety plan, and outlines steps in preparing and using the plan
  • a template for preparing water safety plans. This is divided into sections with each divider showing you how to complete each section.

You can fill in the forms by hand or electronically.

A Technical Assistance Programme (TAP) Facilitator at your local district health board can help you fill out the forms and provide you with further information

You can download the Water Safety Kit and the water safety plan template to help you prepare your water safety plan.

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