Review of the Ministry of Health-funded Rongoā Sector

Published online: 
08 February 2022


The Ministry of Health (the Ministry) has supported access to and delivery of rongoā services since 1991. The rongoā Māori health sector provides a unique, indigenous health service to New Zealanders based on mātauranga Māori and Māori approaches to health.

The Ministry conducted this review to identify the current state of rongoā services and the challenges and opportunities in strengthening evidence and expanding access to rongoā Māori services in parallel with developing the rongoā Māori workforce. Specifically, the Ministry sought feedback on contracting, reporting, workforce development, impact, and benefits for clients and mātauranga Māori and Kaupapa Māori approaches.

The review gathered feedback from all 20 Hauora Māori and rongoā contract holders through two face-to-face and one online Zoom workshops with contract managers and rongoā practitioners. The reviewers facilitated a fourth online Zoom workshop with Te Kāhui Rongoā (Trust). In total, 46 participants contributed to the review. A sample of provider contract monitoring reports and a Department of Conservation research report on rongoā rākau also informed this review.

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    08 February 2022
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    Ministry of Health. 2021. Review of Ministry of Health Funded Rongoā Services. Ministry of Health: Wellington, N.Z.
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