Response to Major Fires: Guideline for Public Health Units – Revised edition 2014

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28 January 2014
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When major fires occur, public health units are involved if the public health may be put at risk.

The purpose of these guidelines is to assist the public health response to major fires. The focus is on industrial fires, but some of the content is also relevant to large scrub or forest fires, such as the 2010 Mt Allan forest fire in Dunedin.

These guidelines:

  • provide an overview of the types of contaminant that can be released during fires and the information that needs to be collected to inform decisions on sampling and analysis
  • include advice on evacuation versus sheltering in relation to fire incidents, health monitoring and communication.

They do not replace hazardous substance incident protocols that have been developed by a public health unit for use in its own region.

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    28 January 2014
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    28 January 2014
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    978-0-478-41591-9 (online)
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    Ministry of Health. 2014. Response to Major Fires: Guidelines for Public Health Units. Wellington: Ministry of Health.
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    Only soft copy available to download
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    Owned by the Ministry of Health and licensed for reuse under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence.

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