Reportable Events: Guidelines

Published online: 
02 September 2001


This document provides guidance on processes and systems for organisational reporting, managing and investigation of incidents, accidents and hazards in the health and disability sector.

The guidelines are intended to help the health and disability sector:

  • encourage and support self learning from analysing reportable events
  • promote the redesign of systems as the main methods for improving safety
  • support a culture where every health care worker takes personal responsibility for consumer safety
  • create an environment where discovering and reporting problems and mistakes is rewarded not punished.

This document builds on the work carried out to date by the Health Funding Authority (HFA) and the Ministry of Health and replaces the HFA document Reportable Events Guidelines.

It is the culmination of two projects, the Sentinel Events Working Party Report to the Director-General of Health and the Sentinel Events Work Group, facilitated by Standards New Zealand.

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    02 September 2001
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    0-478-26212-4 (Internet), 0-478-26213-2 (Book)
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