Recommended referral process for General Practitioners: Suspected child abuse and neglect

Published online: 
01 May 2001


The RNZCGP supports the principles for the reporting of child abuse as outlined in this booklet and reference pullout. We endorse the booklet and insert as a useful resource for GPs and general practices. Supplementary information concerning legal aspects of reporting and the reporting process within the Department of Child, Youth and Family Services is also provided.

The resource was developed by the Ministry of Health and Child, Youth and Family with significant input from a group of College members to ensure relevance and usefulness to GPs. This is an important issue for all New Zealanders and I trust these procedures serve you well.

Like all documents of this type, the document needs continued input from the users to ensure future development is relevant to those in practice. We look forward to receiving your feedback and are very interested in any constructive criticism that could lead to improvements should future versions be produced.

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    01 May 2001
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