A Portrait of Health: Key results of the 2002/03 New Zealand Health Survey

Published online: 
01 August 2004


A Portrait of Health presents key findings of the 2002/03 New Zealand Health Survey. The report includes a detailed description of the survey methodology, as well as information on the prevalence of chronic diseases, the prevalence of health risk and protective factors, the use of a wide range of health services, and self-reported health status.

The 2002/03 New Zealand Health Survey involved face-to-face interviews with approximately 13,000 adults living in private dwellings in New Zealand (including the Chatham and Pitt Islands) and included more Māori, Pacific and Asian participants than ever before. The survey was well received, with over 70 percent of people approached completing a questionnaire.

A Portrait of Health is a descriptive report and cannot do justice to the depth of information potentially available from the survey. Rather, it is intended to draw the attention of users and researchers to the breadth of the survey and inform further analyses.

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    01 August 2004
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