Population-Based Funding Formula 2003

Published online: 
01 April 2004


The Population-Based Funding Formula (PBFF) determines the share of funding to be allocated to each District Health Boards (DHB), based on the population living in each district. The PBFF does not determine the overall level of funding.

The aim of the PBFF is to fairly distribute available funding between DHBs according to the relative needs of their populations and the cost of providing health and disability support services to meet those needs. The PBFF gives each DHB the same opportunity, in terms of resources, to respond to the needs of its population.

The PBFF was introduced on 1 July 2003 and used to set target funding for each DHB. This report describes the 2003 review of the PBFF and presents each DHB’s percentage share of available funding as determined by this formula. The results from the 2003 review of the PBFF will be implemented on 1 July 2004.

Update: The latest five yearly review of the PBFF was completed in December 2015 and will be incorporated into DHB’s 2016/17 Funding Advice. To find out more see  Population-based funding formula.

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