The Pacific Health and Disability Action Plan

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02 February 2002


This plan has been replaced by the Ala Mo'ui: Pathways to Pacific Health and Wellbeing 2010-2014

The Pacific Health and Disability Action Plan (the Action Plan) sets out the strategic direction and actions for improving health outcomes for Pacific peoples and reducing inequalities between Pacific and non-Pacific peoples. It is directed at the health and disability service sectors and Pacific communities, and aims to provide and promote affordable, effective and responsive health and disability services for all New Zealanders.

This Action Plan is the culmination of extensive consultations and community forums with Pacific providers, health professionals and communities. It builds on policy developments from two Ministry of Health publications Making a Pacific Difference in Health Policy (1998) and Making a Pacific Difference: Strategic Initiatives for the Health of Pacific Peoples (1997). The Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs’ programme of action reports has been incorporated in the Action Plan.

The vision, principles and priorities of the Action Plan will form the basis of future Pacific health and disability support policy and services.

The Action Plan highlights six priority areas where improvements can be made to health and disability support services for Pacific peoples. For each of the priority areas, a number of action items have been identified.

Of the 21 District Health Boards (DHBs), seven have relatively high numbers of Pacific peoples in comparison to other regions in the country. These boards will have particular responsibility to plan and fund Pacific health services. They are Capital and Coast, Hutt, Canterbury, Waikato, Counties Manukau, Auckland and Waitemata. However, it is also important that all other DHBs undertake the responsibility to engage with providers in their region to proactively support the needs of Pacific peoples.

The Action Plan is a working document. It provides a foundation for the priorities now and sets the direction for the future.


Healthy Pacific peoples achieving their full potential throughout their lives.


Service, respect and duty of care.


  • Dignity and the sacredness of life are integral in the delivery of health and disability services
  • Active participation of Pacific peoples in all levels of health and disability services is encouraged and supported
  • Successful Pacific services recognise the integral roles of Pacific leadership and Pacific communities
  • Pacific peoples are entitled to excellent health and disability services that are co-ordinated, culturally competent and clinically sound.


  • Child and youth health
  • Promoting healthy lifestyles and wellbeing
  • Primary health care and preventive services
  • Provider and workforce development
  • Promoting participation of disabled Pacific peoples
  • Health and disability information and research.

The above priorities are not ranked in order of preference. All six are contingent on the successful implementation of this Action Plan, and are intended as a total approach to improving Pacific peoples’ health and participation.

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