Nurse Prescribing in Diabetes Services: a discussion document

Published online: 
02 July 2010


Submissions are invited on proposed changes to enable suitably qualified nurses working in diabetes services to prescribe a limited range of medicines for people with diabetes. Regulatory changes will be required to enable this prescribing to take place. Submissions are also invited on the qualifications, training and ongoing competence requirements for nurses working in diabetes services to become prescribers if the regulations proceed.

Health Workforce New Zealand (HWNZ), in partnership with the Nursing Innovations Team of the Ministry of Health, is collaborating with the Nursing Council of New Zealand (Nursing Council) to undertake this targeted consultation process.

A report on the analysis of submissions and outcome of the policy process will be published on the Health Workforce New Zealand website and the Nursing Council website as soon as possible.

Submissions closed on Friday 10 September 2010

The feedback form is provided as a reference in the downloads section

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    02 July 2010
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    02 July 2010
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    Health Workforce New Zealand and the Ministry of Health, July 2010. Nurse Prescribing In Diabetes Services - A discussion document. Wellington.
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