Ngā Kāwai: Implementing Whakatātaka 2002 - 2005

Published online: 
02 December 2006


He Korowai Oranga and Whakatātaka have established a firm foundation for the health and disability sector to work towards improving Māori health outcomes, supporting whānau ora and reducing inequalities.

Ngā Kāwai captures some of the activities by the health and disability sector in implementing Whakatātaka – the first Māori Health Action Plan 2002–2005.

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  • Date of publication:
    02 December 2006
  • ISBN:
    978-0-478-30700-9 (Book), 978-0-478-30701-6 (Website)
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  • Citation:
    Ministry of Health. 2006. Ngā Kāwai: Implementing Whakatātaka 2002–2005, Wellington: Ministry of Health.
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    Only soft copy available to download
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