The New Zealand Health and Disability System: Organisations and Responsibilities

Briefing to the Minister of Health

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08 December 2014
Briefing to the Minister of Health


Every New Zealander will, at some point in their lives, rely on our health and disability system. New Zealand’s health and disability system is large and complex, with services delivered through a broad network of organisations. Each has its role in working with others across and beyond the system to achieve better health and independence for New Zealanders.

This briefing provides the incoming Minister with an overview of the health and disability system as at October 2014. It describes the major organisations and structures in the system, along with their roles, functions and responsibilities. The primary focus of the briefing is on those organisations that fall within the Vote Health purview. However, these organisations alone cannot meet all of New Zealanders’ health and disability needs. Strong collaboration and cooperation across government agencies and local government are essential to achieving good health, social and economic outcomes.

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    08 December 2014
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    Ministry of Health. 2014. The New Zealand Health and Disability System: Organisations and Responsibilities: Briefing to the Minister of Health. Wellington: Ministry of Health.
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