National Review of Outreach Immunisation Services: Summary and Recommendations

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30 May 2016

Outreach Immunisation Services (OIS) are an important tool for increasing childhood immunisation coverage. The services ensure that immunisation is available to children who are unable to access a general practice in a timely fashion for their immunisation events. However, the way in which outreach services are delivered varies widely between providers and regions across the country.

In order to identify the most effective and cost-effective approaches to OIS, the Ministry of Health contracted the Immunisation Advisory Centre (IMAC) to carry out a national review of OIS in 2015. 

The review included an appraisal of OIS contracts, an online survey and in-depth interviews, collection of cost data and a cost-effectiveness analysis.

The key findings and recommendations of the national OIS review will enable more efficient models of OIS delivery to be considered and, where appropriate, implemented by OIS providers and funders. The findings will be used by the Ministry of Health to guide revision of the Tier Two Service Specification for OIS and reporting templates.

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    30 May 2016
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    Ministry of Health. 2016. National Review of Outreach Immunisation Services: Summary and Recommendations. Wellington: Ministry of Health.
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