National Health Emergency Plan: Infectious Diseases

Published online: 
01 July 2004

This plan for infectious diseases is directed at diseases that are typically high-impact and rapidly progressive, and that have the potential to create a national health-related emergency. The plan does not address infectious diseases exhibiting a slower rate of spread, such as meningococcal disease, antibiotic-resistant organisms in New Zealand hospitals or HIV/AIDS.

This plan should be read and used by all agencies and individuals in the health and disability sector as a high-level guide to preparing and responding in the event of national or regional health emergency. It is particularly recommended to:

  • DHB chief executive officers and chief operating officers
  • emergency planners
  • public health unit managers
  • infectious disease physicians
  • senior health service managers
  • chief medical advisors and directors of nursing
  • medical officers of health
  • primary health organisations and independent practitioners association managers, and primary care clinicians
  • infection control practitioners

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    01 July 2004
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    Only soft copy available to download
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