National Health Emergency Plan: Guidance on community-based assessment centres and other support services

Published online: 
02 December 2008


Community-based assessment centres (CBACs) are one of the services planned for responding to a national health emergency, especially where there are large numbers of people involved.

This document aims to provide guidance to DHBs and primary health organisations on the role and function of CBACs, home-based services and teletriage in a health emergency.

The role of community-based assessment centres

CBACs will:

  • provide assessment and triage
  • supplement existing primary health care capacity.

They are not field hospitals.

In addition to CBACs, other services will be required for those people who are either unable or unwilling to visit a CBAC or a primary health centre. These services will include home-based services and teletriage.

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    02 December 2008
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    02 December 2008
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    978-0-478-31895-1 (online)
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    Ministry of Health. 2008.Guidance on Community-based Assessment Centres and Other Support Services. Wellington: Ministry of Health.
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