Low Back Pain: a pathway to prioritisation - Consultation

This consultation closed Tuesday 22 December 2015

Published online: 
11 November 2015


The National Health Committee (NHC) has reviewed the model of care for low back pain (LBP) and we now would like to receive feedback on our report.

This review was undertaken after a referral for assessment of spinal fusion was put forward by Waitemata and Auckland District Health Boards (DHBs) as part of the NHC's 2013/14 sector reactive referral round.

This referral was accepted and a Tier 2 assessment of the model of care for Low Back Pain patients was undertaken in order to understand the role and appropriate intervention level of spinal fusion for this patient group.

The assessment identifies the current model of care for low back pain, explores if the current level of surgical intervention is appropriate and what, if anything, might amend the level of demand for this intervention. Interventions which might impact on service demand or improved patient outcomes across the model of care are then suggested as being prioritised for further work by the NHC.

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