Laboratory Claims Data Mart data guide

Business Objects Data Guide version 1.0

Published online: 
01 April 2005

The Laboratory Claims Data Mart (Labs) allows the Ministry of Health and DHBs to monitor the primary-care test subsidies.

Labs contains claim and payment information for laboratory tests that have been processed by the HealthPAC General Transaction Processing System (GTPS). It also contains laboratory test information from Pegasus IPA and Medlab South providers.

This data guide describes the classes and objects that make up the Laboratory Claims Business Objects Universe. It:

  • describes the information available within the Business Objects Universe
  • provides an alphabetical listing of classes and objects
  • links objects within the Business Objects Universe to fields and elements with the Labs data dictionary.

It should be read in conjunction with the Labs data dictionary.

Please note, Business Objects is currently being decommissioned. 

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