The Introduction of Fit for Purpose Omics-Based Technologies – think piece

Published online: 
18 March 2016


The National Health Committee (NHC) is seeking public and sector feedback on their think piece ‘The Introduction of Fit for Purpose Omics-based Technologies’. A principle based framework has been developed as part of the NHC’s Genetics, Genomics and Epigenetics work programme, which is presented in this think piece.

Omics-based technologies have the potential to deliver significant health benefits for New Zealand citizens and significant benefit to the health sector and to the New Zealand economy overall. The term ‘omics’ has been chosen rather than genetics/genomics to ensure a broader approach and incorporate rather than exclude the various influential biological fields.

The NHC proposes that the successful introduction into clinical practice of omics-based technologies requires the development of agreed processes, enablers and timelines across health and a number of non-health sectors. The social and ethical issues surrounding omics-based technologies require broad cross-sectoral and public input from the onset.

How to have your say

The period for feedback ended on Wednesday 27th April 2016.

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