The Impact of Gambling and Problem Gambling on Asian Families and Communities in New Zealand

Published online: 
01 June 2012

Research organisation: University of Auckland
Primary contact: Amritha Sobrun-Maharaj

Summary of project/aims

Both New Zealand and international evidence indicates that different groups in society experience and regard gambling differently and are often over represented in problem gambling prevalence statistics. Within the Asian population, evidence suggests that Chinese and Korean communities in New Zealand experience above average levels of harm from gambling.

The Ministry expects this project to add to the sector’s understandings of:

  • the relationships that Asian peoples have with gambling
  • why Asian peoples choose to gamble or not
  • aspects of culture and identity that are protective and can minimise the impact of gambling
  • impacts of gambling that may be specific to Asian communities
  • social and economic determinants specific to Asian communities that may contribute to creating and/or maintaining risk or vulnerability
  • understanding why other groups with similar characteristics are not at risk.

The Ministry anticipates that this information will help in the development and targeting of effective primary prevention measures and informing national and local policy initiatives.

Final report

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    01 June 2012
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