Immunisation Audience Research

Published online: 
02 March 2011


Immunisation is one of the Government's six Health Targets, with the health sector seeking to have 95% of all New Zealand two-year-olds fully immunised by 2012.

To achieve this goal it is important to understand the reasons some parents choose not to fully immunise their children.

The Ministry of Health commissioned qualitative audience research focusing on parents and caregivers with children aged five-and-under who had not fully immunised one or more of their children. The aim was to explore in detail their attitudes and beliefs, decision-making processes and barriers to immunisation.

The findings will be used to develop cost-effective strategies that will make a difference to New Zealand immunisation rates and the health of New Zealand children and communities.

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    02 March 2011
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    02 March 2011
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    Litmus. 2011. Immunisation Audience Research. Wellington: Ministry of Health.
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