Hospital-based Maternity Events 2006

Published online: 
02 June 2010


The 'Hospital-based maternity events 2006' provides health statistics on the pregnancy and childbirth characteristics of mothers who gave birth in hospital, and the babies' characteristics and outcomes.

It also presents regional and national comparisons. The information is presented by calendar year and is drawn from the National Minimum Dataset.

It does not include information on community-based primary maternity services (provided by Lead Maternity Carers) and therefore does not present a complete picture of maternity services in New Zealand.

Publishing information

  • Date of publication:
    02 June 2010
  • Hardcopy date of publication:
    02 June 2010
  • ISBN:
    978-0-478-35997-1 (online)
  • HP number:
  • Citation:
    Ministry of Health, 2010. Hospital-based Maternity Events 2006. Wellington: Ministry of Health.
  • Ordering information:
    Only soft copy available to download
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