HISO 10068:2017 Iwi Statistical Standard

Published online: 
01 December 2017


The HISO committee has endorsed the Stats NZ Iwi statistical standard for use across the health and disability sector in New Zealand. While the inclusion and use of iwi classification is not yet mandatory in health systems, when such information is collected and used, the Stats NZ standard must be followed.

The iwi statistical standard

The Iwi statistical standard, published by Stats NZ, provides guidelines for how to gather, organise, and report iwi and iwi-related groups’ information and statistics. 

Iwi and Māori want information on iwi and iwi-related groups to support the well-being and development of their people. This standard is useful for iwi, Māori, government agencies and researchers who collect iwi information.  Government wants this information to assist with planning, delivering, and monitoring services for iwi and Māori. 

Following the standard’s guidelines ensures that information on iwi and iwi-related groups is valuable and useful to iwi, Māori, and government.

The focus of the standard is whakapapa-based kinship groupings. Groups included in the iwi and iwi-related groups’ statistical classification (list) must fit the description (concept and definition) of iwi used in this standard.

The ongoing maintenance of these classifications is performed by Stats NZ and monitored by the Ministry of Health.

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