HISO 10040.0:2012 Health Information Exchange Overview and Glossary

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01 April 2012
Health Information Exchange Overview and Glossary.

The Health Information Exchange standard defines a health information exchange architecture for the sector, based on sharing clinical documents out of clinical data repositories. The standard is presented as a set of architecture building blocks.

The Health Information Exchange (HIE) is defined as a standards-based fabric across which participant systems (of all kinds) will interact with regional and national repositories. HIEs will be regional to begin with, but will interconnect to provide national coverage and the necessary support for shared care records.

Each of these specifications defines a key ingredient of our recipe for interoperability. These architecture building blocks, as we call them, collectively describe an overall architecture for information exchange that is centred on regional clinical data repositories. They embody the essentials of a larger piece of work called the Interoperability Reference Architecture.

The building blocks are:

An overview and the glossary of terms relating to the Health Information Exchange Architecture Building Blocks accompanies the building block documents: 

  • 10040.0 HIE Overview and Glossary (this page)

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