HISO 10014.2:2010 Online Forms Architecture Technical Specification

Published online: 
01 June 2010
Online Forms Architecture Technical Specification.

Please note that this is an old standard and its use is contained. The standard is no longer updated and should not be used in the development of new systems.

The purpose of the Online Forms Architecture Technical Specification is to allow health care organisations to rapidly develop and safely deploy interactive online form applications to replace current paper-based or customised forms systems.

This approach will significantly reduce the costs and reduce the time taken to deploy such forms. Moreover, this specification provides a mechanism by which forms can be pre-populated with information by the user system and for securely transmitting them which streamlines the form process for the end-user and reduces human error.

The specification defines the following four individual components of the subscribing system:

  • User Application
  • Forms Viewer
  • Forms Engine
  • Submission Gateway

The fifth component of the subscribing system – the form manager – is out of scope of this specification.

Publishing information

  • Date of publication:
    01 June 2010
  • ISBN:
    978-0-478-35959-6 (online)
  • Citation:
    Ministry of Health. 2010. HISO 10014.2 Online Forms Architecture Technical Specification. Wellington: Ministry of Health.
  • Ordering information:
    Only soft copy available to download
  • Copyright status:

    Owned by the Ministry of Health and licensed for reuse under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence.

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