Healthy Eating: Healthy Action. Oranga Kai: Oranga Pumau: A strategic framework

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02 March 2003


With increasing rates of preventable health conditions related to poor nutrition and sedentary lifestyles, and the rising obesity epidemic, the need to act now is becoming urgent. But getting people to change their lifestyles is not an easy task.

Not only do we as individuals need to change our behaviour but it requires major changes to our social and physical environment, to make it easier for us all to eat well, be physically active and attain and maintain a healthy weight.

Healthy Eating – Healthy Action. Oranga Kai – Oranga Pumau: A strategic framework shows the way forward and sets out a framework for making these changes happen. This strategy calls for a more integrated and multi-sectoral approach to addressing nutrition, physical activity and obesity, and highlights the importance of both individual behaviour and our environment.

As a companion to this strategy, Healthy Eating – Healthy Action. Oranga Kai – Oranga Pumau: A background summarises the key issues and evidence to support the directions proposed in the strategy.

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    02 March 2003
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