Health Targets 2009/10

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02 November 2009


This publication provides information on each of the six health targets for 2009/10 and describes how progress will be measured in each target area. It lists the agreed target levels for each District Health Board.

Improving performance across the sector is fundamental to the Government's goal of ensuring that there is an effective and efficient health and disability sector that provides ‘better, sooner, more convenient’ services to all New Zealanders. Six target areas have been identified to focus progress on. These reflect areas of public priority.

For 2009/10 the six health targets are:

  • shorter stays in emergency departments
  • improved access to elective surgery
  • shorter waits for cancer treatment
  • increased immunisation
  • better help for smokers to quit
  • better diabetes and cardiovascular services.

The first three focus attention on patient waiting times in public hospitals.

The last three focus on early intervention to prevent ill health, investing in the health of our children, and effective prevention through primary health care services.

Progress will be reviewed quarterly and reported on the Ministry of Health website. The health targets will be reassessed annually to ensure they are relevant and align with the health priorities of the time.

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