Gerontology Acceleration Programme (GAP) Evaluation Report

The Evaluation of the Gerontology Acceleration Programme reports findings from a nursing workforce development programme between Canterbury District Health Board and the aged residential care sector.

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30 September 2015

The New Zealand Institute of Community Health Care was commissioned by the Office of the Chief Nurse, Ministry of Health, to undertake an evaluation of the Canterbury District Health Board’s Gerontology Acceleration Programme (GAP).

The GAP seeks to address recruitment and retention challenges and promote nursing in the aged care sector as a career pathway. GAP is a 12 month programme of professional development activities for a small cohort of nurses in the aged care setting including clinical rotations, post graduate study, mentoring and progression on the Professional Development Recognition Programme.

The GAP programme involved partnering between health sector and tertiary providers and shared governance arrangements across the district health board and aged residential care. It built relationships across the system and fostered a better understanding of the older person’s journey across the health service.

The Evaluation concluded the GAP programme added significant value to the sector and nurses working within it, and has the potential to be replicated within other areas of nursing.

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    30 September 2015
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    New Zealand Institute of Community Health Care. 2015. Gerontology Acceleration Programme (GAP) Evaluation Report. Wellington: Ministry of Health.
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