General Medical Subsidy Data Mart data dictionary

Data Dictionary (version 1.1)

Published online: 
01 October 2003

The General Medical Subsidy data mart (GMS DM) is used by Ministry of Health analysts and DHBs to:

  • monitor contracts with providers
  • support forecasting and setting of annual budgets
  • analyse health needs and assess policy effectiveness.

The GMS data mart contains the fee-for-service payments made to doctors for patient visits that have been processed by the HealthPAC Proclaim system.

The GMS data mart was established in August 2003 and contains data from November 2001.

All data transferred from HealthPAC to the GMS data mart is claim-related data sent by claimants. Definitions in the GMS data mart Data Dictionary are based on the GP Section 88 Notice.

The GMS data mart includes only health events processed by HealthPAC. Most health events for which there are no fee claims are not included in the GMS data mart.

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    01 October 2003
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