Gamgard Evaluation

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23 June 2022
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This evaluation provides an industry independent assessment of Gamgard (Gambling Assessment Measure - Guidance about Responsible Design) in the New Zealand context to inform the Ministry about the utility of the Gamgard product for supporting regulatory decisions about gambling harm minimisation.

Gamgard is an online rating tool designed to assist the gambling industry to assess the impact of gambling games on vulnerable populations. The literature review has identified issues to consider before adopting Gamgard as a risk prevention and minimisation tool for vulnerable populations.

As part of a wider responsible gaming programme and not as a single solution, Gamgard appears to be an adequate preliminary screen for reviewing the functional characteristics of games. Supported by a wrap-around process and tools Gamgard can be successfully applied in New Zealand.

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    23 June 2022
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    Frith, B., Beetham, J., Thomas, J., & Malcolm, L. (2021). Gamgard Evaluation. Lower Hutt: WSP.
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